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Courses are broken out by grade and subject level.

Information literacy is critically important. Some is authoritative, current, reliable, but some is biased, out of date, misleading, false. This site contains modules to help with making decisions.

The Internet Public Library site is a comprehensive source of "information you can trust." Thousands of volunteer library and information science professionals created and maintain the site’s reference collections.

Since 1995, has served as a one-click springboard to many of the web's top dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators, atlases, news headlines, and search engines.

The Reference Desk on this site features a layout that is designed for easy fact-finding and includes timelines and an almanac, atlas, dictionary, and encyclopedia, as well as a Homework Center.

You can search for what you need alphabetically, by product family, by download category, or by typing in a keyword.

This site is the cool place for the technology leaders of the future. It offers student resources, helps students stay connected through its newsletters and technology clubs, and provides a career portal and Students-to-Business program.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Perfect for language studies, this handy website automatically converts text from one language into another,

This site provides older students with access to a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for educational use. is the premier free source for literary analysis on the web providing study guides as an educational supplement.

Users can read every play or poem from the world's most celebrated writer and, more importantly, make some sense of his works with free analysis,

This site provides help in a number of mathematics-related subjects, including basic grade-school math, calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics.

At Science Made Simple, elementary and middle school students can get detailed answers to many science questions, read current news articles related to science, get ideas on school projects, and take advantage of unit conversion tables.

Questions related to computers/electronics, automobiles, science, entertainment, and people, are all answered at this award-winning website.

Free images from Microsoft for student projects.

Microsoft Office Templates for projects.

Teaching Literacy in Middle School Science and Social Studies Classes

Pre Reading Strategies

During Reading Strategies

Post Reading Strategies


The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI ) is a nationally recognized provider of educational curriculums and training programs for students, educators/youth workers and parents on suicide.