A+  is an integrated software package that is being implemented in all Marshall County classrooms K-12.

A+ Teacher Manual

A+ Teacher Quick Guide

A+ Teacher Cheat Sheet



The planning guides will tell you the content of each A+ lesson.







Teaching Literacy in Middle School Science and Social Studies Classes

Pre Reading Strategies

During Reading Strategies

Post Reading Strategies


Battelle for Kids is a training site for Tennessee teachers. You will need an access code to set up your account which you can get from your principal. You will then set your own password.

Interactive website with best practices and  training to improve instruction. See your principal for a login.

Tell a story, share your photos, narrate in your own voice.

Create animated presentations and videos.

Allows you to ‘chop’ out a section of a Youtube video and share it.

Your creation and presentation tool.

Remove ads from webpages or send to your Kindle.

Make your images interactive.

Instantly give feedback to your students that they (and their parents) see.

Create pages and share with anyone.

A safe way to text students and parents and remain private.

Simple tools to help students study for anything.

Create online videos of clips and images.

Create slideshows.

Primarily used for mobile devices. Students respond online to questions.

Web 2.0 Science Resources

Free Online Courses from David Lipscomb University to Help Teach Common Core

Using state grants earmarked for higher education, Lipscomb University is developing what is expected to be the state's first online curriculum aimed toward preparing teachers for the new Common Core standards. Lipscomb University's College of Education, through the college's Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation, is developing 10 free MOOCs (massive open online courses) that will prepare teachers to change their instruction by implementing Common Core State Standards into their classroom curriculum. The first three MOOCs are expected to be ready by September.

As required by Public Chapter 892, this is a listing of state mandated assessments for the 2014-15 school year. Specific district calendars may be found on district-level websites. Click here: State mandated tests for Marshall County Students.

K-8 Pacing Guides

Marshall County Schools is a K-12 public school located in Middle Tennessee. We have approximately 5,400 students enrolled for the 2014-15 school year who attend one of  our nine schools and career technical center. You may contact us at 931-359-1581. We are located on 700 Jones Circle, Lewisburg, Tennessee.